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The Pool Shark Monsters of Cock

The Pool Shark

Runtime: 37 mins - March 20, 2007 - Rating: 9.47

Yo everybody whats up! This week I called over my freind cristina for a little bit of pool and a little (Big)...

The Cock-o-thon Monsters of Cock

The Cock-o-thon

Runtime: 35 mins - March 13, 2007 - Rating: 9.86

Ok if your sitting down right now, now is a good time to get up. We have excellent news...Ramon is BACK! (ok allow...

Pretty Long For A White Guy Monsters of Cock

Pretty Long For A White Guy

Runtime: 40 mins - March 06, 2007 - Rating: 8.18

Burr! Man its cold out in Miami this week. Totally unexpected I thought it would be nice and warm this week. Thats...

Enter The Great White Cock! Monsters of Cock

Enter The Great White Cock!

Runtime: 39 mins - February 27, 2007 - Rating: 9.65

Yo whats going on fellas! Im back this week to tell you about this hot redhead that contacted us with a craving for...

Few Words Guy But Carries A BIG COCK Monsters of Cock

Few Words Guy But Carries A BIG COCK

Runtime: 38 mins - February 20, 2007 - Rating: 9.25

Hey whats going on guys. This week we met up with Cadence Calibre who came to me all the way from Cali-forn-I-A for...

Metal Teeth Vs. Iron Cock Monsters of Cock

Metal Teeth Vs. Iron Cock

Runtime: 32 mins - February 13, 2007 - Rating: 8.89

Welcome to another amazing installment of monsters of cock. This week we had the beautifuly hot honeydejour pay us a...

TiffaniRox First BIG FAT COCK Monsters of Cock

TiffaniRox First BIG FAT COCK

Runtime: 30 mins - February 06, 2007 - Rating: 8.17

Tiffani Rox was bragging about how she only likes to take in 9 inch cocks. She said that anything below that would be...

300 Reasons To Try A Monster Cock. Monsters of Cock

300 Reasons To Try A Monster Cock.

Runtime: 34 mins - January 30, 2007 - Rating: 9.98

You won't believe what we have for you this week!!!!. Me and my "monster" buddy Castro met this hot, hot blue eyed...

Sex In The Waiting Room Monsters of Cock

Sex In The Waiting Room

Runtime: 38 mins - January 23, 2007 - Rating: 8.96

Have you ever had to sit in a waiting room for hours? Well not today, cause when Nadi Phuket (that is actually not...

Love At First Monster Cock Monsters of Cock

Love At First Monster Cock

Runtime: 44 mins - January 16, 2007 - Rating: 8.15

Her name is Sophia and she loves herself a Monster Cock. She loves them so much she can only get herself off while...

Cheer The Cock Monsters of Cock

Cheer The Cock

Runtime: 31 mins - January 09, 2007 - Rating: 9.27

Everyone has had the fantasy of fucking a cheerleader. So in the spirit of college football bowl season we got Castro...

Holiday Cock Monsters of Cock

Holiday Cock

Runtime: 31 mins - January 02, 2007 - Rating: 9.97

On today's episode of Monsters of Cock, we bring you the cheerful holiday story of Keeani Lei's first monster of cock...

Room Service Monsters of Cock

Room Service

Runtime: 30 mins - December 19, 2006 - Rating: 9.05

The service industry is a real hard industry to work in. Specially because we demand so much of them. But when Missy...

When You Wish Upon A Cock Monsters of Cock

When You Wish Upon A Cock

Runtime: 33 mins - December 12, 2006 - Rating: 9.25

Meet Jaylynn, one sexy little lady that has always wanted to have her way with a huge cock. She came to us to fulfill...

Alicia Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 30 mins - December 05, 2006 - Rating: 9.72

whats up fellas? ready for another monster's episode. I bet you do. So our guest was hot Alicia who came over to...

Chyanne Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 38 mins - November 28, 2006 - Rating: 9.67

Ready for another doze of Monsters of Cock. Today we got really hot one. Her name is Chyanne. What an ass on this...

Kaycee Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 43 mins - November 21, 2006 - Rating: 8.26

What's up peeps? Today we gonna test this hot chick from California who came across the country to see if she can...

Aaliyah Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 42 mins - November 14, 2006 - Rating: 8.68

Whats up fellas? Here comes another episode of world famous Monstersofcock.Maxx and I were driving around hoping to...

Isis Love Monsters of Cock

Isis Love

Runtime: 39 mins - November 07, 2006 - Rating: 8.93

I was waiting for my old friend Isis who called me before saying that she is in a mood for some huge cock. So I was...

Misty Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 37 mins - October 31, 2006 - Rating: 8.93

What's going on, fellas? On our monsters of cock adventures we got another chick who was dying to experience Maxxx...

Barbie Cummings Monsters of Cock

Barbie Cummings

Runtime: 39 mins - October 24, 2006 - Rating: 8.40

What a hot chick from Tennessee we got today. She got a whole package of pleasure that includes nice tits, perfect...

Brooke Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 38 mins - October 17, 2006 - Rating: 8.17

Whats up, fellas? Ready for another doze of monstersofcock? Thats right. I guess this girl Brooke was ready for that...

Lyla Lei Monsters of Cock

Lyla Lei

Runtime: 44 mins - October 10, 2006 - Rating: 9.12

Today we got this hot asian named Lyla who was dying to experience Ramon's monster cock in her pussy and her ASS. At...

Frankie Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 31 mins - October 03, 2006 - Rating: 9.39

Frankie is on fire. She was begging me to hook her up with Ramon and his treasure since she've heard so many things...

Kitty Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 43 mins - September 26, 2006 - Rating: 9.64

What's up fellas? Another update of Monster of Cock is here. This time we got a hot Asian named Kitty. She is only...

Tanya Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 30 mins - September 19, 2006 - Rating: 9.41

Tanya is on fire! She has a great pair of tits and a nice round bubble butt to go with them. This girl has a wet pink...

Staci Thorn Monsters of Cock

Staci Thorn

Runtime: 43 mins - September 12, 2006 - Rating: 9.50

Staci is the latest update of Monsters of Cock. This girl's nice tits and her plump ass are what's really delightful...

Nataly Rosa Monsters of Cock

Nataly Rosa

Runtime: 39 mins - September 05, 2006 - Rating: 8.54

What's up peeps! Another Monsters of Cock coming at y'all! Not the usual one. Our celebrity Ramon decided to take a...

Ruby Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 31 mins - August 29, 2006 - Rating: 9.76

Ruby is a hot sexy girl that came over to our place today. She was really hot. What a perfect round ass and nice tits...

Breanna Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 32 mins - August 22, 2006 - Rating: 9.51

Time for another dose of Monsters of Cock. It wasn't your usual shoot. For starters Sanchez was M.I.A. so JT took...

Haylee Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 33 mins - August 15, 2006 - Rating: 9.98

Today we got this hottie named Haylee who came over to our place with a huge dildo called BOB. I would say it's very...

Amber Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 34 mins - August 08, 2006 - Rating: 9.71

Amber is on fire. She came back to see Ramon's giant cock again. So we were waiting for her outside that's when she...

Allie Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 33 mins - August 01, 2006 - Rating: 8.36

What a cute sexy girl we've met today. She said that she was waiting for a guy named Ramon. What did she want from...

Cherrypoppens Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 31 mins - July 25, 2006 - Rating: 8.50

What's up fellas! Another Monsters of Cock coming at ya! Ramon and I had the pleasure of meeting Cherry Popens. This...

Kaci Starr Monsters of Cock

Kaci Starr

Runtime: 30 mins - July 18, 2006 - Rating: 8.72

Kaci was so excited about meeting Ramon since she's heard so many stories about his giant cock. What a nice pair of...

Krystal Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 33 mins - July 11, 2006 - Rating: 9.63

I was on my way to the airport with this hot chick named Krystal. Once of a sudden we saw hitchaking Ramon on the...

Super Ramon Return Monsters of Cock

Super Ramon Return

Runtime: 38 mins - July 04, 2006 - Rating: 8.91

It's not a bird, it's not a plane and not even a SuperMan. It's a Super Ramonster. Our Super Hero meets this cute...

Lillyiana Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 40 mins - June 27, 2006 - Rating: 8.92

Today I decided to bring this irish girl named Lillyana over to our place. She was so exited about having Ramon's...

Leah Luv Monsters of Cock

Leah Luv

Runtime: 39 mins - June 20, 2006 - Rating: 9.96

Today we invited this girl named Leah over who wanted to try a monster meat stick in her ass. What a brave girl! When...

Micah Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 40 mins - June 13, 2006 - Rating: 8.45

Micah is a hot sexy girl that came over to our place today. She showed us her goodies and Ramon got ready right away....

Kaelyn Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 30 mins - June 06, 2006 - Rating: 8.60

I met up with Karlyn at the harbor. I introduced her to Ramon who was going to Cuba, cause he said that he got tired...

Trinity Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 38 mins - May 30, 2006 - Rating: 8.53

Trinity is one cute mexican hotty. She said that's the last time she had sex with the man was like 2 years ago. Thats...

Anal Stretching Monsters of Cock

Anal Stretching

Runtime: 33 mins - May 23, 2006 - Rating: 8.98

Today me and Ramon met this cute girl. I think her name was Haley, I guess. Whatever! So she says that she loves to...

Jazmine Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 35 mins - May 16, 2006 - Rating: 9.04

Jazmine is hot asian! When I talked to her on the phone all she was talking about was a big cock that she is dying to...

Mysti May Monsters of Cock

Mysti May

Runtime: 37 mins - May 09, 2006 - Rating: 8.78

We have a live one. The latest Monsters of Cock girl is not only hot but a complete freak. Let me first tell you how...

Mya Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 40 mins - May 02, 2006 - Rating: 8.36

Today Ramon had some fun with Mya. This girl was really up to finding out if she can handle our monster's cock. So we...

Supermonster Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 41 mins - April 18, 2006 - Rating: 8.21

It's a bird, it's a plane , NO IT'S A DAMN MONSTER. Much more powerful then he used to be. Let me introduce you to...

Shy Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 42 mins - April 11, 2006 - Rating: 9.78

Another beautiful day in Miami and yet again Sanchez locked himself in his room again to go on yet another trannyporn...

Jazmin Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 38 mins - April 04, 2006 - Rating: 8.40

Time for another dose of Monsters of Cock. It wasn't your usual shoot. For starters Sanchez was M.I.A. so JT took...

Alicia Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 33 mins - March 28, 2006 - Rating: 9.02

Alicia's back for more Monster Cock. This time this nerdy chick really lets loose. Sanchez and Maxx really did a...

Daryn N' Trinity Monsters of Cock

Daryn N' Trinity

Runtime: 40 mins - March 21, 2006 - Rating: 9.22

So I was chillin with daryn a.k.a (most beatiful ass ever) and Ramon when she mentioned that we should pick up her...

Jayna Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 38 mins - March 14, 2006 - Rating: 9.46

Jayna is the latest update of Monsters of Cock. This girl's nice tits and her plump ass are what's really delightful...

Who Invited The Mexicans? Monsters of Cock

Who Invited The Mexicans?

Runtime: 44 mins - March 07, 2006 - Rating: 8.98

I caught up with my friend Mia this week. It's always a party with that girl! When I went to pick her up, to my...

Alicia Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 40 mins - February 28, 2006 - Rating: 8.31

Alicia is one of the hottest wasps I've ever seen! She has a great pair of tits and a nice little bubble butt to go...

Christie Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 38 mins - February 21, 2006 - Rating: 8.39

I met up with Christie yesterday who is one hot chick. We caught up on the usual: life, friends, anal. She was dying...

Sonialopez Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 45 mins - February 07, 2006 - Rating: 9.27

The latest Monsters of Cock movie stars Sonia Lopez or "SLO!" as her friend like to call her. This girl's a hot...

Deja Monsters of Cock


Runtime: 35 mins - January 31, 2006 - Rating: 8.30

I met up with Deja on South Beach. A good friend mentioned to me that this girl loves monster cocks so I had to...

Monster Tunes Monsters of Cock

Monster Tunes

Runtime: 41 mins - January 24, 2006 - Rating: 8.70

We met up with Savannah in Downtown. I knew my monster Ramon would love her! She has a sexy ass and great tits. We...

Twice The Monster Monsters of Cock

Twice The Monster

Runtime: 34 mins - January 17, 2006 - Rating: 8.24

Stella and Lexi came to us hoping we could help them with their little monster cock craving... so i hooked up the...

Jersey Jaxin Monsters of Cock

Jersey Jaxin

Runtime: 31 mins - January 10, 2006 - Rating: 8.79

Jersey Jaxin is one of the hottest i have ever seen! Has a great pair of tits and a nice little bubble butt to go...